• Handles all bedding types without clogging
  • Mechanical operation is flexible to move gloves, cage tags and enrichment items without breaking down
  • Sealed system carries material from cage dump to outside containers without odor or noise
  • Proven to support facility LAA exposure prevention programs
  • Designed to fit in small spaces
  • Integral cage dump station is ergonomically friendly and feeds into cage washer

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See a Complete Waste Bedding System Layout

Learn more about the custom engineered waste bedding systems.

  • Quietly carries waste bedding to disposal container
  • Mechanical design requires minimal maintenance
  • Conveyor can travel through walls and above ceiling tiles

Hapman Waste Bedding System Installation & Hapman Waste Bedding System | Hapman.com

Clean Bedding Dispensing Systems

Efficiently Empty and Meter Large Volume Bags of Feed and Bedding

Install and operate easily.

  • Assures smooth discharge of material.
  • Modular components are easily adaptable in a variety of materials to meet your needs.
  • Installs and ships easily with our two-piece frame, or fits in tight spaces with our low-profile frame.
  • Unloads bags easily and safely.
  • Stainless steel or carbon steel with a variety of finishes including enamel paint, FDA epoxy, Steel It™ and powder-coated.
Vivarium Bulk Bag Unloader and Tubular Drag System Installation | Hapman.com